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Galveston Island is not your average beach town. It may be known for its sandy beaches, but there’s far more to do here than working on your suntan. Read our top 10 list and discover why you should be on Island Time on Galveston Island.

The list is in no particular order.

1. Beaches

Galveston Island offers something for every kind of beach goer.  There are seven Beach Parks, all with their own unique personality.  Whatever your sun-seeking fancy, Galveston Island has a spot for you.

Galveston Island Stewart Beach

Stewart Beach is Galveston’s premier family beach park and has been named one of the “10 Best Beaches for Families”.

Galveston Island State Park Beach

Galveston Island State Park was named one of the top 5 “Best Gulf Coast Beaches”.  The park offers a quiet oasis on the island’s West End.  Visitors can break from the masses to explore the Gulf of Mexico or Galveston Bay.

2. Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is the pride of Galveston Island. The highlights are the three themed pyramids: Aquarium, Rain Forest, and Discovery.

Explore the Aquarium Pyramid and tour the South Atlantic, the Caribbean and the North Pacific. Enjoy the Rain Forest Pyramid which has over 1000 types of luxurious plants from the rain forests of Asia, Africa and the Americas. Learn about the interesting world of science at the Discovery Pyramid which puts on a number of absorbing exhibitions.


Moody Gardens

3. Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark features 35 thrilling water adventure rides.  Experience the thrills of speed slides, tube slides, and a surf ride.


Schlitterbahn Waterpark

4. Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is one of the few spots in the world that has this many rides over the water.  You’ll be flying over guests on the Pier, soaring over the Gulf of Mexico and anticipating your next ride.

The family-oriented Pleasure Pier features 16 rides, midway games, food venues and retail shops.

The Pier rivals similar parks like Chicago’s Navy Pier, the Santa Monica Pier and Coney Island’s Luna Park.

Galveston Island Pleasure Pier

Click Here To Visit Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

5.  Strand Historic District

Once labeled “the Wall Street of the Southwest”, the Strand Historic District is now home to superb restaurants, sensational boutiques and popular night clubs.

Take some time to enjoy the variety of shops in the district’s beautiful historic buildings, many of which survived the 1900 Storm, regarded as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

Strand Historic District Galveston, TX.jpg


La King's Confectionery Strand Galveston

La King’s Confectionery master candy maker will delight you by making their famous salt water taffy right before your eyes on antique equipment.

Click Here To Visit La King’s Confectionery

6. Fishing

From surf fishing to charter fishing, Galveston Island offers something for everyone with a rod, a reel and a love of angling.

Surf Fishing

galveston island state park surf fishing

You can fish the surf along most of the island’s beaches year-round.  One of the best spots is Galveston Island State Park.

7.  Historic Landmarks

There are more than 2,000 buildings on Galveston Island listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1892 Bishop’s Palace    The home is impressive as it is imposing.  The home was constructed in 1892 during the golden age of Galveston’s prosperity and  is located in the Historic East End District.

Click here to visit Bishop’s Palace

1895 Moody Mansion Galveston, TX
1895 Moody Mansion survived the Great Storm of 1900








Click here to visit Moody Mansion

8. Memorable Museums

Galveston Island Seaport Museum
Texas Seaport Museum – The 1877 Elissa  Walk the decks to imagine life on a merchant sailing ship in the late nineteenth century.

9. FREE Ferry From Galveston Island To Bolivar Peninsula

Galveston Island Ferry

The FREE Galveston-Port Bolivar Ferry service is provided by TX DOT and is the only way motorists can cross the waterway between Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island.

The 2.7 mile trip takes approximately 18 minutes to cross.  Be on the lookout for flocking seagulls, floating pelicans and dolphins.

Other highlights of your crossing is passing Seawolf Park, barges or cruise ships in the Inter-coastal Waterway and the shoreline of Galveston Island.

Singaree Restaurant and Marina is a local favorite in Crystal Beach and offers fresh seafood and a stunning sunset view.

The ferry is busy in the summertime.  It is suggested to take weekdays trips or early a.m. weekend trips.

10. Breathtaking Sunrises And Sunsets

Being a coastal beach town, each day starts and ends with breathtaking shades of orange and pink cast across the sky like paint on a canvas.

Galveston Island Sunrise
Photo Credit Caren Hoeft


Galveston Island Sunset
Photo Credit Caren Hoeft

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