Galveston Island 2018 FeatherFest

Galveston Island 16th Annual 2018 FeatherFest

Galveston Island 16th Annual 2018 FeatherFest takes place from Tuesday, April 17th and concludes on Sunday, April 22nd.

Galveston Island is one of the top locations in the country for birding. The island has a rich variety of natural habitats within its 32 miles.

The beaches, wetlands, grasslands, woods, ponds, and bays are home to many common year-round bird species. There are numerous others that visit briefly or for part of the year.

The area is truly one of the best places in the country to bird because the Texas coast is on the Central Flyway, a broad, hourglass-shaped migratory flight path that extends from Alaska to South America.

More than three hundred species of birds stop here on their way south or north, and the best months to see them are March and April.

For a complete list of activities and schedule, visit GalvestonFeatherFest



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